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Why Grey ERP?

Eliminate all inefficiencies using Grey ERP software solution.

All in One ERP

Give a holistic approach to your business model and increase your efficiency.

Why use multiple softwares and increase complexities when you can use one platform to manage all? Grey ERP software is an agile yet cost-effective solution that integrates all facets of your business from accounting, sales, transactions to human resources and much more. Our firm is widely recognized as a leading provider of ERP multiplatform software in Oman. We also specialize in creating VAT-ready ERP as per gulf requirements.

Don’t let outdated management systems increase your burden or limit your business potential. Grey ERP solution empowers businesses to derive meaningful insights, make better decisions, schedule activities, and receive accurate, real-time forecasts.

Best Support

Your teams can access Grey’s HRMS from anywhere and at any time. Plus, being 100% cloud-based employee information and records are stored securely and can be accessed in seconds.

User Friendly

Grey ERP software is customer-centric with the most user-friendly interface. Our team of developers have created easy-to-understand tools so one can use the ERP without any specialised skill or training.

Cost Effective

The best ERP in Dubai is a cost-effective solution that requires no additional investment in server or hardware installation. Reduce administration cost, IT cost, upscale production, decrease count of misused inventory, increase efficiency of operations.

Most Reliable

Your teams can access Grey’s HRMS from anywhere and at any time. Plus, being 100% cloud-based employee information and records are stored securely and can be accessed in seconds.

Grey Modules


Integrate data, derive insights from numerous transactions and promote financial productivity. Know the current and future financial outlook of your organization. Get the highest degree of control with a comprehensive analysis of your capital requirements, cash flow, budget allocation and payments. Track your expenses, revenue, generate invoices and payrolls using Grey Accounts.
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Streamline the relationship between your clients, leads and sales personals by using our CRM software. Handle all backend processes such as tracking client interactions, meeting, calls, tasks with ease. Store and update client information in a centralized database. Create custom user avatars for each customer using Grey CRM. Use our ERP system to engage with your clients like never before.
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Facilitate greater collaboration and understanding between various departments of your company by using the Grey HRM, that allows easier access and sharing of information. Maintain an accurate, redundancy-free complete database of your employees including details about salary, attendance, recruitment, training and performance, faster and easier with our Grey ERP system.
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Automate the procurement of goods and raw materials by using the Grey ERP purchase module. Gain complete control over inventory and production planning. Receive a real-time, accurate breakdown of your purchases. Negotiate prices and identify potential buyers through the system. Manage vendors, pricelists, RFQs, purchase order and GRNs much simpler with Grey Purchase.
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Handle all domestic and export sales processes of your firm by using Grey sales software. Track accurate records of inventory, sales, invoices, receipts, delivery notes, and much more. Structure attractive prices and boost your sales by understanding variances from the Grey ERP’s data insights. Grey ERP's sales module allow firms to influence buyer decisions in their favor based on history and loyalty.
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As part of our commitment to facilitating growth for businesses in the Gulf region, our team of expert developers has created a system that incorporates features necessary to simplify inventory management. With Grey Inventory, you get end-to-end tracking, stock-keeping controls, powerful automation, and comprehensive reporting, supporting your business growth strategy.
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Real Estate

Are you a property owner with multiple properties in Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia...? Use Grey ERP software from the top ERP vendor in Oman to solve the problem of managing properties. The platform enables seamless management of residential and commercial properties. Be it adding buildings to collecting rent, the cloud-based ERP software allows you to manage data from diverse facets.
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Build a website that gets the right kind of attention. As the leader among website creators, Grey has developed the ultimate tool to help your business succeed online. We’ve created an easy to customize, fully responsive website program that allows you to dominate the digital space. Grey CMS focuses on helping Gulf businesses publish state-of-the-art websites without relying on developers or programmers.
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Join the millions of businesses that have taken the step to grow online. Using Grey eCommerce, you can take the stress out of launching your online business. You don’t have to wonder if your online store in Oman will be a success, as the Grey ERP system is designed to be the foundation of online success. Sit tight and use our ready made e-commerce store to turn your business online with no painful efforts
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Seamless Integration

Grey ERP software can be fully integrated with various other platforms. Avail quality services from the top ERP vendor in Oman to witness exceptional results and foster business growth.

Agile Operation

The Grey ERP facilitates agile business operations with quick results to help firms optimize their potential. Unlike traditional methods, the Grey ERP software automates manual tasks, increases consistency and cooperation among operations and reduces processing time by generating faster responses. This further supports the effective sales process.

Meaningful Insights

Grey ERP software is designed to gather meaningful data insights that guide customers in decision making. From comprehensive insights on marketing and sales campaigns, communication methods, purchasing patterns, product performance to profits and expenses, gather insights that matter and can contribute to business growth by using the Grey ERP software. Use data-driven results to plan future business operations and resource allocation.

Complete Visibility

Understand business metrics and gain complete visibility of everyday activities across all facets using the Grey ERP software. Gain a wider view into your entire business operations by using the Grey ERP software that allows you to see multiple functionalities of various departments in one frame. Visibility contributes to overall improved management.

Foolproof System

Grey ERP software eliminates data redundancy and minimizes chances of discrepancies by maintaining and retrieving accurate details across various modules. The process of manually entering and storing information is often prone to human errors which can be rectified by using an automated system. The Grey ERP software ensures data is up to date and consistent.

Built With

Grey ERP is develop by top ERP vendor in Oman, 'Rawat Al Makan', using latest technologies. Front end is designed using bootstrap 5, javascript libraries, and open source plugins like Full calendar, Tabulator, auto resize, etc. These client side technologies make Grey ERP work faster minimizing the interaction to the server.
The back end of Grey is developed on Microsoft .NET framework with Microsoft SQL Server as a database. On top of this open source plugins like Mailkit, Google charts, etc. were used to make the interface rich and user friendly.


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User Reviews

ERP user Saudi Arabia
Viqhar Hussain
We are happy with their custom solution and love to consult them again...
ERP user Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Ikram
It was good doing business with Rawat. We have purchased ERP systems from Rawat and it was very easy to understand and start working. Which was helpful to my company.
ERP user Qatar
Sanish sasi
Excellent work ..All products given Meets our Requirements
ERP user Dubai
Avinash Melvin
We are using their ERP and it's the best one in the town. They maintain their timeline when we raise any request to them.
ERP user Oman
Bipul Kumar
it been a amazing experience to work with the excellent team, they understand the value of client as well maintaing the relation, you won't regret ever...