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Grey CRM for Sales and Marketing

Forget the days when you had to depend on multiple channels and sources to collect all your customer information and manually put them together, when each criteria under the flow chart of your task and goal had to independently coordinate with different sources. Customer Relationship Management helps you with technology and strategies to let your organization create the best in class customer engagement with efficiency and integrity. This CRM module helps business owners from small to large-size enterprises in acquiring, developing, nurturing and retaining their clientele through a one-point contact mechanism.

So, what is CRM? A CRM system in place compounds your business by managing seamless customer service and interaction. It builds the backbone of your customer relationship leading to your business growth.Grey CRM tool provides detailed analysis of customer’s browsing behaviour that facilitates your organization to leverage and focus on every incoming lead effectively. It increases your profitability by streamlining your organisation’s relationship with its customers, colleagues and service users.

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Generate and Convert Leads

Grey comprehensive Marketing CRM system helps you generate genuine leads and validate how hot or cold a lead is to fetch you real business. Hence, when you get a quality lead or a quotation is approved by a user, it becomes easier to convert a lead into a client. After that, his account gets created with an opening balance, and his accounting starts based on the invoices generated.

Since a CRM system makes all customer data ready-made, it becomes a cakewalk for you to acquire new customers, understand their needs and traits, provide quick response, connect with them at a better level, serve them, and retain them for good.

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Schedule and Manage Meetings

With the growing importance of customer service, every customer expects prompt response and resolution to come back to you again. Without the support of a CRM solution, you may miss out on your growth opportunities and lose your most potential client to a competitor. Grey CRM not only facilitates scheduling your meetings effectively, it also notifies you much ahead of them so you never miss out on a planned meeting.

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Track Your Tasks

Embedding an efficient CRM system in your business will make your transition to customer-centricity real swift and smooth. You sure don’t want to waste your time struggling with excel sheets or sticky notes to track your completed or incomplete tasks, follow-ups or responses.

Generating The Best Quotation

Gone are the days when CRM (or marketing software and system) was looked at just as a contact management tool. Grey competent and user-friendly interface lets you create a quotation in under 2 minutes. It covers the A to Z of generating a quotation from managing your items and pricing, pulling all the items into a quotation, adding sections, drag and drop sections, custom fields to cloning existing quotations, email quotation and managing status. With the faster adoption of cloud technology, a cloud-based CRM software enables the amalgamation and storing of entire customer information in one common platform. A good CRM system even lets you know about their browsing behaviour and any feedback that they share about your products and services or those of your competitors. In the current competitive market, making your customers’ life easier is one of the must-have CRM features, and that is present in Grey CRM.

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Why Grey CRM Software?

There are plenty of additionnal features to discover

Effective Call Scheduling

Our CRM tool helps you schedule calls and attend to them more efficiently. Leaving the most sensitive job to the expert in the industry will help you convert initial contacts to repeat purchases through winning the trust of your best clients and retaining them.

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Real-Time Insights

Get real-time visibility of your entire sales pipeline in a clean visual dashboard. With an up-to-the-minute report, each sales activity, productivity and individual performance will be at your fingertip to help you achieve your business goal.

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Visual dashboard

Build a customised dashboard reflecting the analytics of the most important data of your business. The effective Grey CRM system helps you track not only the purchase history, order status or pending/unattended issues of your customers but also their public social media activity.

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