Looking for a PO software?

Grey purchase management system takes care of it.

Pricelist Management

For a profitable business, pricelist plays the most crucial role. Grey software allows you to create and maintain a price list based on your desired filters. Create single/multiple price lists for different suppliers, products or even consumers. Strategize your pricing by including attractive offers in the price lists to allure the customers. Individualize prices for select customers to reward their loyalty. Create different price rules depending on type of the product or category or quantity of the product and apply the rules to the price list as suited to your choice. Design an item wise catalog for a hassle free access to the customers.
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Manage Vendors

Grey Software provides you a robust Vendor Management System with features that will amaze you. Select Vendor from a list of certified vendors. Get easy access to Vendor Statistics like Price, offered discounts, historical performance and reviews by other consumers. Evaluate your vendor on the basis of your experience.

Request For Quotations

Select multiple listed suppliers at once to request for quotation. Send a quick RFQ by just filling in the details in a pre-designed format. Keep a track of the RFQs initiated and their status of response. Also maintain MIS for the number of RFQs sent within the last number of days as desired. Confirm your order in a quick hassle free manner on the best suited reply to RFQ.
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Purchase Orders

Automatically create the purchase order based on the RFQ approved with provisions of amendments if any variation is required. Create templates for purchase orders in case of Bulk Purchases and forget the hassles involved. Get easy and online approvals for the purchase orders from the authorized officials of the organization as per the purchase policy, eliminating any scope of misconduct or fraud. Keep track of all purchase orders issued, with the latest status in the simplest possible manner. Match purchase orders automatically with the confirmed RFQs and corresponding invoices received by the suppliers.

Goods Received Note

With Grey, creation of GRN becomes easiest ever. Compare the Purchase Order and Invoice automatically through the system and generate GRN on one click after verification of the details. Conduct the quality check on the items received as per the invoice and confirm the GRN. Automatically generate GRNs for all the parties involved by simple selection of the parties. Automated mail sent to the supplier for whom the GRN has been generated.
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Manage Payments

Experience the ease of payment on the consolidated platform for payment that provides access to multiple options for payment viz. Cards, Wallets, UPI, Vendor Credits, payment vouchers online and International payments. Generate and track the amortization schedule for vendor payments. Automatically generate bills from invoices and reconcile the statements too. Create a comprehensive trail for all transactions consisting of details like request and approvals with date, Purchase orders with invoices and the transaction details of payment made with information on tax applied on the payment along with the mode of payment.