The industry’s leading inventory management system to advance your business.

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Leverage Powerful Inventory Management to Accelerate Growth

Developed for businesses in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, Grey Inventory is the solution to increasing sales volume.

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Buying products or services and ensuring that suppliers comply with legal and company policies.
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Stock of goods, which includes raw material, work in progress or finished goods.
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Transfer or agree to transfer the ownership in the goods to the buyer for a price.

Increase Profits with Better Warehouse Management

Optimize your warehouse with warehouse management designed to give you more control.

Without valuable insight into your stock and inventory, your business is exhausting resources. With Grey’s all-encompassing stock management solution, you can reduce expenditure and increase profits by efficiently incorporating just-in-time inventory management. We have prioritized every element of stock management to ensure you reach your objectives and multiply sales.

Access Actionable Inventory Analysis

Get the information you need to make better decisions about your stock. With Grey Inventory, you can access every detail regarding your inventory from your dashboard. Our system gives you stock movement updates, low stock alerts and automates stocktaking. Our stock management software allows you to make stock adjustments with ease because we accurately determine stock levels and manage batches.

Manage Orders Effectively

Never liquidate your stock because of weaker sales. Our inventory management software allows you to estimate your stock needs with greater accuracy. Using Grey Inventory, you can automate your orders, have orders triggered by low stock levels, backorder supplies, create purchase orders, and fulfill drop shipments. Our simplified dashboard displays pertinent information, including urgent stock requirements based on stock levels and forecasted customer order volumes.

Receive Real-Time Operational Stats

To ensure your just-in-time inventory systems are effective, you need access to real-time data about your stock. Our sophisticated barcode-tracking system guarantees you have this information by giving real-time alerts of transactions, stock quantities, and backorder updates. The result is a more streamlined operation.

Sync Your Systems in Seconds

Grey Inventory syncs with all of Grey’s enterprise resource planning solutions, enabling you to achieve your objectives. Our software supports multi-warehouse operations, allowing you to track, synchronize, and consolidate stock levels and stock counting. You can rest assured that, by using our inventory management solution, your stock levels will always reflect your most recent transactions.

Scale Your Business with Inventory Management Software

Surpass your growth predictions with user-friendly inventory software.

As part of our commitment to facilitating growth for businesses in the Gulf region, our team of expert developers has created a system that incorporates features necessary to simplify inventory management. Because with Grey Inventory, you get end-to-end tracking, stock-keeping controls, powerful automation, and comprehensive reporting, supporting your business growth strategy.

Use Grey Inventory for improved stock control, better inventory forecasting, and the latest in configurability and integration.

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Get Insights of Your Warehouse

Using Grey Inventory, you can forecast with accuracy and precision.

The purpose of Grey Inventory is to support your business and assist in increasing sales. Our enterprise resource planning ensures you can plan, manage, and scale intuitively. All our purpose-built features allow you to tap into valuable data about your customers' purchasing habits, guaranteeing you can accurately forecast your stock needs and scale accordingly. The result is a streamlined strategy that optimizes your stock counting, stock adjustments, and warehouse management.

Improve Your Supply Chain Management

Access purpose-built features that enhance your supply chain management.

Understand your suppliers' performance with detailed end-to-end tracking. By using Grey Inventory, you can enhance your supply chain management to ensure you're developing partnerships with high-performing suppliers while identifying – and eliminating – poor-performing suppliers. Then, using up-to-the-minute tracking, you can make stock adjustments, minimizing the effects of unexpected delays on your business operations.

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Increase Sales With Grey Inventory

Optimize your resources with a stock-keeping system that shows you what you need to prioritize.

Our enterprise resource planning software gives you valuable insight into what sells, ensuring you aren’t wasting precious warehouse space on redundant items. Our barcoding and scanning systems guarantee that the movement of every item in your warehouse is actively tracked, enabling you to create a just-in-time strategy that reduces overheads but prioritizes profits.

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Developed for Businesses in the Gulf Region

Businesses in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE scale with Grey.

Give your business the advantage with Grey Inventory’s configurable stock management software. Our solution includes every feature you need to optimize your resources and redefine your business. Because with Grey, you have advanced integration and interfaces that guarantee you succeed in the Gulf economy.

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