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For a long time, business owners kept accounts in check manually by tracking payments, transactions and filing taxes. The Grey Accounts is the financial accounting software that lets you manage your financial transactions like receivable and payable amounts, invoices, tax compliances, purchase of fixed and movable assets, capital investments. Along with this, it also handles accounting reports like cash flow, income and expense statements and many more.

Grey Accounts is user friendly and is easier to sync with your bank accounts. It also assists and manages VATs and the latest VAT Oman. Grey Accounting Software is a suitable financial management solution for Small and Medium Businesses.

Grey Accounts Features

Features we provide to simplify your accounting and business management experience.

Pay Bills Securely
Users can track and pay bills through Grey Accounts online securely. It also generates an audit of accounts payable.
Bank Connections and Transactions
Connect all your accounts throughout the Gulf and keep track of every transaction online. Transactions get documented securely into Grey Account feeds each day.
Claim Expenses Promptly
Streamline employee expense claims. File payments, sanction and reimburse claims, and get an insight into expenditures. Grey Accounts also assist in online payroll services.
Financial Planning and Analysis
Grey Accounts aids in Financial Planning and Analysis by actively evaluating your project details like budget, expenses, profit, time and labour. It also analyses general expenditures, including rent, insurance, loans, billings and office equipment.
Conducive Invoice Tracking
Keep track of who has paid and hasn't paid. Grey Accounts can send reminders and personalized emails for due invoices. Create custom invoices and handle your product, services and individual customer details securely.
Multi-currency Accounting
Grey Accounts is the perfect Financial Management Solution. It supports multiple currency transactions, including Dollar, Omani rial, United Arab Emirates dirham, and a few more.

Cloud Accounting: Access Anywhere

Get access to your data anywhere and everywhere through cloud based accounting software.

Access from Any Device, Everywhere

All your data is secured on the cloud that can be logged into anytime and anywhere through multiple devices like a computer, laptop or mobile..

Latest Data Available

Get all your latest bank transactions and incomes updated on a daily basis. Grey Accounts also update reports based on the latest data.

Secured and Protected Data

Grey Accounts back up your data and protects it through multiple layered security. All the data available online is encrypted, password protected and linked through your mobile number and email.

Track, Calculate, and File Taxes

Automatically track all sales tax and has pre-filled rates like VAT in Oman and Saudi Arabia. Calculate taxes on invoices and transactions and use reports to file sales tax returns.

Send and Sync Receipts

Create billing online and PDF receipts to send them efficiently through emails from anywhere. They are easy to access and keep track of.

Financial management solution

For Accountants and Bookkeepers

Keep track of your client’s books, collaborate, and work from anywhere.

Access your client’s data anywhere with no hurdles. With the data updated automatically, you can focus on the improvements and profits in the business.
Coordinate and collaborate with your clients online to work together in real-time without the need of sharing physical files.
Manage your practice efficiently. Customize your client’s data and documents, keep track of tasks and requests.

Financial Reporting

Business Management Software for customized financial statements and reports to get an accurate insight into your business prerequisites. Create and customize professional business reports and summaries to boost your business. Get precise insight on financial statements like balance sheets, profit-loss statements, cash flow and income statements. Organize your reports based on their importance. Grey Accounts is the perfect accounting software for medium businesses.