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Simplify recruitment, payroll, attendance, performance reviews, and more with a Human Resource System designed for Gulf Countries.

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HRIS Built for Gulf Business

Grey’s HRMS has been developed to advance Human capital management for businesses in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

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Oversee Requests for PTO

Our fully automated system offers employees and management a simple three-step process to requesting paid time off. Now employees can make requests through the software; managers can reject or accept their requests, and – if requests are accepted – the information will be updated and synced to the employee's calendar without manual intervention.

Using our system, managers can also track the nature of PTO and the frequency of these requests to determine if any intervention is necessary.

Rely on Accurate OT and PTO Computing

Using your employees' timesheets, Grey’s HRMS will accurately calculate any OT and PTO employees are entitled to and sync that information with relevant accounting software.

Regardless of the size of your business, you need an HRM system that resolves the most common issues in modern businesses. Grey’s HRM is that solution. Using the real-time time tracking software that traces employees' attendance and working hours, our software will sync PTO and OT with payroll to streamline the process.

Track Employee Performance

Our software makes performance appraisals error-free. Our system tracks every aspect of an employee's performance, from attendance to time spent on specific tasks. Having access to this data management can analyze employees' efficiencies and strategize to improve incompetencies. Additionally, using our interface, managers can choose to draw reports for the KPIs that matter to them.

This makes our HRM system the most reliable way to incentivize employees' performance while allowing senior managers and HR departments to be unbiased in their appraisals.

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Streamline Your Payroll with Comprehensive Payroll Management Software

Effortlessly manage compensation, PTO, and benefits with a payroll management software that is fully integrated with your accounting systems.

Eradicate the costly errors associated with a mismanaged or poorly managed payroll while guaranteeing your business remains on the right side of applicable law. Using Grey’s HRM software, your finance and HR teams can rely on accurate information to determine what compensation employees are entitled to and generate historical reports that make quarterly and annual reporting effortless.

Manage Expenses

Empower your HR and management teams with feature-rich software designed to simplify the complex process of managing modern businesses.

Managers no longer need to rely on complex expense reports to track employees' travel and business expenses. Using Grey HRMS, employees can submit and justify their expenses, and managers can review, accept, or decline these expenses. To avoid loss and miscalculations, our software also includes dynamic currency conversions and prioritizes tax reporting.

Increase Efficiency

Using Grey’s HRMS, HR managers will no longer spend time on redundant tasks that drain their core competencies. Instead, using our user-friendly, intuitive software, your HR department can delegate these tasks to teams and managers without worrying about duplicating duties. In doing this, your HR specialists can become an integral part of your business's growth strategy – working on pivotal recruitment, human capital, and necessary employee intervention. Our human resource information system enables Gulf businesses to manage employees better.
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Dominate Human Capital Management

Accelerate your recruitment process by using Grey’s Human capital management solution. Make recruiting, onboarding, and assessing employees easy with our comprehensive tool.

Candidate and applicant management are simplified using our system. Managers and HR departments can quickly create job posts that will engage the most qualified internal and external candidates, rely on our technology to select the best resumes based on hiring criteria, and onboard employees in a fraction of the time.

Access Real Time Attendance Data

Identify where and when teams fall short, so you can develop contingency plans and enhance performance.

Our HRMS allows you to see – in real-time – employee attendance and hours worked. Using our software, managers can see how much time employees spend on key projects and access statistics that report on individual team members' attendance.

Ensure every cent you spend on human capital management is maximized. Using Grey’s HRMS – designed for modern businesses with dynamic needs – you can be certain your HR Teams competencies are unmatched.

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