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5 Tips To Select The Best Accounting Software For Small Business In Saudi Arabia

by Marjory C.

Small businesses are the core of any economy globally. Especially for Saudi Arabia, the only reason the country shines in the global market now is because of its efficient small business industry that brings everything together.

However, with such a saturated and high competition small business industry, the businesses now need to be equipped with the best tools to run at maximum productivity and profitability.

Let’s look at how accounting software can help with that and how to choose the best accounting software.

Why Small Businesses Need accounting software

The misconception that only large businesses need accounting software is seen to be slowly fading away from the minds of entrepreneurs following the success of small businesses using accounting software for small businesses.

The basic reasons why small businesses need accounting software are that an ERP helps smooth out operations for the long run, achieve increased productivity and profitability, accurate, free from error, processing, converges teams and departments together, and has transparent visibility of operations.

Small business accounting software may sound extravagant at first, however, ERP are known to have a significant ROI that always helps the business financially in the long run.

Accounting software for small businesses also aids businesspersons with insightful analytics that help entrepreneurs make the right decisions to achieve growth in the industry.
With an accounting software for small business, you sow the perfect seeds to grow in the highly competitive Saudia Arabian market and stand out against your competitors.

Past trends in the growth of SME markets have shown how significantly accounting software can improve growth rates for businesses, and all these supporting causes are the reason why small businesses need accounting software in Saudi Arabia.

5 Tips To Choose The Best Accounting Software

Once you make the correct decision of moving forward with an accounting software for small business, you’ll find out that there are many small business accounting software to choose from.
This is why we’ve come up with a list of useful tips to consider that can help you choose the best accounting software based on your needs.

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Budget and Scalability

First things first, being a small business you can’t take any financial risks. Accounting systems can be expensive, but good accounting package offer cost-effective options for small businesses.
Always look for a small business accounting software that not only fits your budget but also carries scalability options so that your accounting system can grow with your business.


Being a small business, it is very unlikely you will have a dedicated accountant. If you do, bring them along for the decision-making.
In either case, go for the ERP software that offers an easy-to-use user interface that genuinely enables fast processing of operations by being simple and quick to use.

Supported Integrations

In the advanced age we live in, almost all businesses need integrations. To name a few of the most significant ones: ZATCA and eCommerce store.
Choose an accounting software for small business that offers add-ons and integrations. This will help you grow businesses on multiple platforms and minimize costs.

Cloud Support/ Security

Always, always, only go for a Cloud ERP.
Cloud applications not only keep your data secure on the cloud, but also prevent any risks of losing important data, make your data accessible on the internet from any device, and significantly minimize costs that an offline ERP will include.


Last, but not least, choose an ERP that is filled to the brim with features. While some features may not be of use to you as a small business, always remember that they can significantly increase productivity and give you an edge when you scale your business. Do NOT go for a cheap ERP that compromises features for a less price.

Grey ERP - The Best Small Business Accounting Software

Instead of browsing through many ERPs and comparing their features, why not go for the best one right away?
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